The Naughty Kids
See what happens when the kids on Santa’s naughty list decide to get even!

All I Want for Christmas (Is Justice)
Santa’s been on the naughty list for a while. And the truth is FINALLY coming out.

How the Donald Stole Christmas
What would happen if Donald Trump took over the North Pole? Such a disaster! Sad! This holiday stop-motion animation parody shows the Twelve Days of Christmas under Trump's rule.

SNOWDIN: The Elf that takes on the NSA (Northpole Surveillance Agency)
Ever wonder what happens to the intel Santa Claus collects when deciding if you’ve been good or bad? Who has access to all your secrets? All that data? Santa has become too powerful, so a young elf decides to risk his life by leaking the Naughty List to the world. 

Twas the First Draft Before Christmas
Ever wonder what Santa’s doing the other 364 days of the year? Turns out he’s an amateur screenwriter and wants you to give him a read…

Hearts Will Be Melted
Please Enjoy our Peppermint-Infused Scratch'N'Sniff Holiday Card! We wanted to make some killer hand-crafted cards, but after an unfortunate incident with a hot glue gun, some egg nog and a bucket of glitter, we decided to go the digital route. Please enjoy our homemade animated card, which saves us postage and saves you from papercuts.   (Don't actually scratch the screen. You'll ruin the lithium.)